Bathtub Refinishing in Brandon, FL

This family-friendly Hillsborough County town is a favorite place for us to repair tubs, tiles, showers and more.

Bathtub Resurfacing & Reglazing in Brandon, FL

Refinishing, sometimes called resurfacing is basically a process that repairs old bathtubs. If your tub is currently usable but has damages like cracks, chips and stains, it can be corrected through a refinishing process so that you don’t have to replace the whole tub.

How We Resurface Bathtubs In Brandon, FL

A tub refinishing service in Brandon, Florida starts with sanding. Our technicians will sand your tub in order to get rid of old layers of top coat and paint. This will also reveal cracks, chips and stains. Once the tub has been sanded down, the cracks and chips are filled and stains are corrected then several coats of primer is applied to the tub. Once curing is done, technicians will spray a couple of layers of topcoat to make the tub shiny.

This process typically takes one day so that you can enjoy a long soak in your newly resurfaced tub the soonest. Tub resurfacing or refinishing is a great option if your tub is still in good condition but has minor damage like those stated above. Not only is it more affordable, it is also faster and more convenient than replacing the whole thing.

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Bathroom Tub & Tile Repair in Brandon, FL

We work with different kinds of tub surfaces from acrylic, fiberglass, porcelain to cast iron. But aside from tubs, our refinishing and repair services also extend to other bathroom fixtures such as your shower, tiles, sinks and countertops.

Buying a new tub, having your bathroom retiled and replacing sinks is costly and a time consuming endeavor. Calling a Brandon Tub Refinishing professional is a cost-effective and quick way of repairing your bathroom fixtures. Your tub, sinks and tiles will look good years after professional refinishing and reglazing.

Tile Reglazing in Brandon, FL

If your shower tile, floor tile or countertop tile is showing its age, we’re here to fix it. We repair chips, scratches and blemishes before building up the layers and reglazing the surface. Restore your bathroom tile the affordable way with our tile refinishing service; no demo, lasts for years.

Our technicians can refinish or reglaze your tiles so that your bathroom or shower area looks beautiful and new. We can reglaze ceramic tiles in order to get rid of blemishes and imperfections.

Shower Refinishing in Brandon, FL

From shower walls tiles to acrylic shower wall liners, fiberglass shower surrounds and shower pans, we repair showers with our multi-step refinishing process. We’ll get the grime away and rebuild the service so it looks like new in the color of your choosing.

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Countertop Refinishing in Brandon, FL

Although your countertop may seem old and ready for replacement, you’ll be surprised what our refinishing service can do for it! We can refinish common countertop materials, like Formica, in a new style such as speckled or marbled. You choose the style and color, we’ll take care of the rest.

Cabinet Resurfacing in Brandon, FL

Let us repair, refinish and reface your existing cabinets to save your thousands over replacement. You can have a brand new style of cabinetry with new doors and hardware, without any demolition or high cost of total cupboard replacement. We refinish the “boxes” and put new doors on for a fresh look.

Brandon Bathtub Refinishing Can Restore Your Bathroom Fixtures

We have a lot of experience refinishing bathtubs, sinks, tiles and countertops. Our experience has produced top quality work in Brandon, Florida and nearby areas. We service private residences as well as hotels, resorts and rentals so that your tubs and bathrooms are professionally maintained. Brandon homeowners and business owners can avail our services and save a boatload of money. Our services are available in zip codes 33508, 33510, 33527, 33584, 33596, 33509, 33511, 33578 and 33594.

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