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Is your bathtub in bad shape?

Wondering whether it’s salvageable? Hoping to keep what you have so you don’t have to invest thousands to replace your tub?

We fully understand. Customers throughout Hillsborough County call us everyday hoping that we’ll be able to fix their tub and save them an added $1000 or more in tub replacement costs.

Here’s the good news:

We can repair most bathtub blemishes. Only major holes, cracks and dents will keep us from restoring your tub. In general, dirty, scuffed and chipped bathtubs are totally repairable if you hire a professional to do it right.

If you try to take this on yourself, you may end up creating a whole host of new problems with your tub, but if you trust a trained and skilled technician to fix your bathtub, you’ll be thrilled with the final result and save on your bathroom budget big time as well!

Experience matters:

We’ve been repairing tubs for over 30 years, so your project will not be our first attempt. We’ve seen it all and we can handle almost anything you present us with. Just give us a call, text a few photos and we’ll confirm whether your tub can be saved right over the phone.

Get a repair quote:

Getting an estimate on your tub repair project is easy. Simply call us at 813-680-3424 (or fill in the form on this page) and tell us about the issues you’re experiencing. We may ask you to email or text message a few photos to us so we can examine the problem visually.

Once we see the issue, we should be able to give you a pricing guideline right over the phone, which is super convenient for you and your busy schedule.

Last, we’ll get your repair job on our calendar to service your bathroom as soon as possible.

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Dirt & Rust Marks in Tub

Does it seem like you scrub and scrub, but your bathtub never seems to get clean? Does the finish look dull and the surface appear dirty?

Well, fear not. We have the proper tools and know-how to deep clean your tub and have it looking fresh again. Typically the reason that grime, rust and stains won’t come clean is because the surface of the tub is so worn down, gunk just sticks to it. To be able to easily lift dirt off your tub, it needs to have a proper coating rebuilt to the top layer again.

After thoroughly cleaning and resurfacing your dirty tub, we’ll completely reglaze it with commercial coatings. Once dry, you’ll be able to gently and easily clean your tub again.

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Bathtub Scratches & Scuffs

Scratches happen. Maybe you’ve been using strong abrasive sponges or chemicals on your tub that scratched off some of the glaze. Or perhaps a razor feel and nicked the side of the tub. However your bathtub became scuffed up, we can fix it.

Our tub resurfacing process will smooth out scratches and marks to make your tub surface even again.

Once the surface even and prepped for adhesion, we’ll be able to give your old tub a brand new coat of paint, known as “glaze.”

The reglazing process will bring that beautiful glossy look back to your tub so it appears like new again.

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Tub Chipped or Dented

Uh oh, did someone drop a shampoo bottle or heavy tool in your tub? It happens to the best of us. And it’s not just homeowners that slip. We get calls from contractors and investors who accidentally dented a perfectly good tub while working on renovating the rest of the bathroom.

Luckily, this little mishap won’t result in thousands spent on demolition and replacement. Most small chips and dents can be filled, sanded and reglazed by a trained professional refinisher. When we’re done, no one will ever know there was once a divot in your tub.

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Cracked Tub

Most small cracks can be repaired by our team. We have special products we use to properly fill cracks to avoid leaks. This is not a DIY type of job because a leak can result in mold which is dangerous for residents and guests using the bathroom.

If the crack is sizable, it might be beyond fixing. What we typically ask is that our customers email or text bright photos of the crack and other issues so we can see the problem before providing a quote. If it’s repairable, our team will be on the job and get it back to working condition in no time.

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