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Located along Highway 4, did you know that Plant City is named after railroad developer Henry B. Plant? If you live here, you probably already aware that it’s known as the winter strawberry capital of the world. We love some of the major attractions in town, like Dinosaur World, the Hillsboro State Bank Building which was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1984 and the Bing Rooming House Museum.

There are a lot of interesting places in Plant City that may draw friends and family to visit you. And when they arrive to your house, you want your bathrooms looking in tip top shape! We love helping Plant City residents and property owners maintain their tub and tile.

Does your bathtub look like it has seen better days? Does it make your bathroom look old and dirty? Is chipped or stained? If the answer is yes, perhaps it’s time to hire a bathtub refinishing service in Plant City, FL.

Many years ago, the only way to have a beautiful bathtub again was to replace the whole thing. This endeavor usually took days and cost hundreds of dollars. Nowadays, calling a Plant City bathtub refinishing service will turn an unsightly tub into a brand-new looking fixture in about 1 day.

How We Refinish Bathtubs in Plant City, FL

Bathtub refinishing is a pretty straightforward process which is why Plant City Florida bathtub refinishers can usually do the job in just 1 day.

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Some professionals call their process reglazing but it is basically the same thing. Workers start by cleaning your bathtub thoroughly and removing the caulking. Then the workers will mask areas so as not to damage them during the refinishing process. They will also use drop cloths and covers on cabinets and fixtures. Before starting the actual process, workers will also remove the faucet, drain fittings and other tub fixtures.

Our Plant City bathtub refinishers will then start the process by lightly sanding the entire tub in order to roughen the original finishing. The tub is then vacuumed to remove debris. Workers will then fill up chips, cracks, scratches and other worn out areas and then apply several coats of primer. Once it is dried, 3-4 coatings of top coat are then sprayed and then left to cure. The final process is buffing the tub to a shine.

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Bathtub Repair in Plant City, FL

Buying a new tub is not only expensive, it also takes days before the whole project is completed. A tub refinishing service on the other hand is cheaper and faster. Our technicians can repair and repaint your tub in just a day so that you can enjoy relaxing soaks as soon as possible.

Tile Reglazing In Plant City, FL

Tile reglazing is another way to save money on bathroom remodel. Professional tile reglazers can make your old dated bathroom look new and shiny in a shot amount of time. They will clean, repair and repaint your tiles to a new color for a trendier design.

Shower Refinishing In Plant City, FL

Renew old and worn shower areas with a shower refinishing service. Showers can be refinished to any color and can make your bathroom look brand new. Shower refinishing is also a cheaper and faster alternative to a bathroom remodel.

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Countertop Refinishing in Plant City, FL

Countertops are very expensive to replace. Save hundreds of dollars with more affordable Plant City countertop refinishing. Technicians will repair and restore countertops so that your breakfast bar, kitchen counter or bathroom vanity will look new.

Cabinet Resurfacing in Plant City, FL

Cabinet refinishing is an affordable way to makeover your kitchen or bathroom. We use a combination of front refacing and box restoration. This means that we’ll replace your cupboard doors with new ones so that you can transform the look of your room. Then, we’ll resurface the cabinet frames while in-place so you can save the cost of buying new ones and installing them.

Plant City Refinishing Can Restore Your Bathroom Fixtures

The good news is that our reglazing professionals in Plant City can restore more than tubs. They are ready to repair, refinish, reglaze and restore your showers, sinks, countertops and tiles.

These types of services are a good idea compared to buying new home fixtures because they cost a fraction of the brand new fixture. Also, your fixtures stay in place and they look brand new within a day.

With professional bathtub and bathroom refinishing service in Plant City, FL you can finally update your bathroom and use it on the same day. Professional bathtub refinishing service in Plant City Florida can refinish different surfaces like fiberglass, ceramic, porcelain, formica and plastic.

Bathtub refinishing is more affordable and quick compared to replacing a whole tub. Plant City Florida bathtub refinishing service can make your tub look brand new within the day so that you can enjoy more time soaking and relaxing. We service the following zip codes: 33563, 33564, 33565 and 33566. Bathe in peace by calling us today.

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