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Refinishing your shower is a wise option if you’re looking to keep your bathroom update budget in check. Refinishing is a fast, affordable process that allows you to get your shower looking like new again without messy demolition and expensive installation.

What is shower refinishing?

When the surface of a shower is repaired and recoated, that is the process of refinishing. Our refinishing work includes repairing minor issues, resurfacing the top layer so that the coating products will adhere to it and reglazing the entire unit in the color or finish of your choosing.

Shower refinishing restores your unit in-place, so there is no heavy construction involved. No messy demo, no pricey delivery, no high cost installation charges. It will give you a decade or more of extended life on your shower, yet costs a fraction of the investment a full installation would require. This is why it’s such a popular choice among homeowners, investors and property managers.

How long does shower refinishing take?

Our crew will typically be in and out in one day, depending on all the projects on your list. A tub and tile job can usually be finished in one day, two max. Then, you’ll usually need a full day of drying and settling before your bathroom is ready for use again.

Considering that ordering, removing, delivering and installing a brand new shower unit could take weeks, shower refinishing is a pretty quick process overall.

Should I refinish or replace my shower?

If you are happy with the overall style of your shower and it’s in fairly good condition (no major holes or irreparable dents), then refinishing is certainly the fastest, most affordable way to go.

Cost Savings: Remember, restoring a shower doesn’t involved the purchasing of a new shower stall or tile, demolition labor, delivery fees or installation costs. For this reason, you’ll usually save hundreds to thousands when you choose refinishing over replacing.

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Time Savings: The shower resurfacing process is rather quick. Once we start your project, it will typically take only one day to refinish the shower. If a tub or other fixtures are involved, it might take up to two days. Then there will be another day or so for the freshly coated fixtures to dry and settle before it’s safe for use. So, all in all, the process is usually 2-3 days, depending on the size of the project. You’ll have your bathroom back in no time!

Headache Savings: The process of installing a brand new shower is not a simple undertaking and all the steps involved can often stress a homeowner or property manager. First there is the ordering, which requires zero mistakes in measuring and purchasing. Next, there is the demolition which can give property owners anxiety for fear the wrong item will get broken. Then, there is the matter of proper preparation of the walls beneath the shower unit; these must be fully water and mold proofed with the right barriers and protection. When this is not done correctly, homes wind up with hazardous mold and leaking issues. Finally, there is the delivery and installation, which requires a lot of coordination and patience. If you’d prefer to avoid the stress of this entire process, refinishing might be a better option for you.

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Types of Showers We Refinish

These are the types of showers we typically restore:

Tile Shower Walls

If you have a shower that is built with ceramic or porcelain tile walls, it’s eligible for shower reglazing. First we’ll take care of any knicks, scratches or small cracks by filling them in or sanding them out. Then, we’ll buff the entire surface a bit so that the coating products can easily adhere to it. Finally, we’ll clean and reglaze all the tile in a uniform color or finish of your choosing. The end result is beautiful and looks like new!

Tile Shower Walls

You might be surprised to learn that we can refinish fiberglass shower surrounds because these types of linings have a finish like any other bath product! We’ll follow the same procedures. We give the service a good deep clean, fix imperfections, prep the lining for adhesion and then paint the entire service with our high end commercial products and equipment for a finish that will typically last 10 years or more with normal use.

Acrylic Shower Surrounds

Much like fiberglass, acrylic shower stalls can receive the reglazing process as well! We’ll fully restore your shower stall by first cleaning up the dirt and grime that’s accumulated over the years. Then, we’ll repair any small issues we find. Next, we’ll prep the surface so the paint can bond. Finally, we’ll reglaze your shower in the most professional way.

Shower Pans

Even the base of your shower can be restored! Have a dingy, worn out shower pan in your stand-up shower unit that needs some love? Let us bring it back to life with the same steps we use on the rest of your shower - cleaning, repairing, prepping and reglazing! Your feet will love stepping into a clean shower pan again.

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