Bathtub Refinishing in Mango, FL

Thinking about renovating your bathroom? Call a Mango bathtub refinishing service. We are an affordable alternative to a full bathroom makeover.

Refinishing or resurfacing is a cheaper and faster alternative to buying and installing a brand new tub. In this process, our technicians will repair the tub so that it looks brand new. This process takes only a day so that you can enjoy using a clean and beautiful looking tub without going through the whole hassle and expense of throwing out a perfectly usable tub.

How We Refinish Your Bathtub in Mango, Florida?

If your bathroom fixtures are still in perfect shape but a little worn out, they can be made to look brand new through a process called refinishing or reglazing. This is basically a bathtub repair process that involves sanding away old layers, filling in chips and cracks and then applying coats of primer and spraying several layers of topcoat. Bathtub refinishing typically takes one day and is more affordable than replacing a whole tub.

Our technicians can work on different tub materials like acrylic, fiberglass, porcelain and cast iron. Our glaze lasts for years because it is made to bond with your tub so you can enjoy beautiful looking tubs for a long time.

Tub & Tile Reglazing Service In Mango, FL

Aside from bathtubs, our professionals can also resurface and repair other bathroom fixtures such as showers, sinks, tiles and countertops. They can refinish or repair these fixtures instead of totally replacing them.

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Our services also extend to tile refinishing and reglazing where we correct chips and cracks in your shower tile so it looks beautiful and clean. We also repair chips and cracks in your sink so that the surface looks smooth and new.

Our resurfacing service in Mango FL is a good and affordable alternative to a full bathroom repair. We can do the work in one day and it is cheaper than buying new furnishings. Our technicians can make your bathroom sparkle and shine like it once did.

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Tub Refinishing in Mango, FL

Bathtub refinishing is a good alternative to tub replacement. It is an easy process that involves sanding, damage repair, primer application and then finally putting on layers of topcoat. This process takes just 1 day for our professional tub refinishers in Mango, FL.

Tile Reglazing in Mango, FL

Unsightly bathroom tiles can make the whole area look old and dirty. Tile reglazing is a good option for a quick and affordable makeover. This process involves stripping away the old protective layers of your tiles and then applying new layers primer and topcoat.

Shower Refinishing in Mango, FL

Shower refinishing service in Mango Florida can make your old stall look new. This is a good option if your shower area is suffering from cracked tiles, moldy grout, worn surfaces or if you’re sick and tired of the outdated color.

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Countertop Refinishing in Mango, FL

Save time and money with countertop reglazing in Mango. Your countertops can be repaired and refinished so that you can save a ton of money compared to having the whole area replaced. Countertop refinishing is also a good idea for bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops and breakfast bars.

Cabinet Resurfacing in Mango, FL

Get more life out of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with our refinishing and refacing services. The first step in the process is resurfacing your existing cupboard frames, or “boxes”. We’ll strip the old finish and either stain or paint them in the look of your preference. Second, we’ll install brand new doors, handles and hinges to give your cabinetry a fresh new style that will definitely make your room look remodeled, but for half the cost or less.

Mango Bathtub Refinishing Can Restore Your Bathroom Fixtures

Tub refinishing service is a good option if your tub is still usable but has cracks and chips you want corrected. It is also a good choice for other bathroom fixture repair. We service Mango Florida in 33550, 33584 and 33610 zip codes.

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