Tile Refinishing in Tampa, FL

Is your bathroom tile in good shape, but a bit outdated or in a color you just don’t like? If so, our tile refinishing services are just the solution you need!

What is tile refinishing?

Tile refinishing is a smart, affordable alternative to ripping out all your existing bathroom tile and installing brand new ones, which can be a costly endeavor.

Tile refinishing is the process of recoating the surface of existing tile installations. First the tile is repaired to sort out any imperfections. Next, the tile is resurfaced and clean to create an even surface that is ready to receive commercial coating agents. Finally, a fresh “glaze”, or coating, is professionally sprayed onto the surface of the tile using specialty equipment.

When complete, your tile will look like new, freshly painted in the color of your choosing.

Refinishing Tile vs. Replacing Tile

As you’ve likely figured out, replacing tile can be quite expensive. On top of the cost of the tile product itself, you’ll also have expensive labor fees to demolish the tile, waterproof and mold resist the entire shower wall area and install all the new tile. Tile replacement is a big investment.

Because tile refinishing simply restores your existing tile, you save on the cost of new materials, demo labor, water and mold proofing labor and installation labor. For this reason, it’s a much more affordable solution to giving your bathroom a makeover.

Plus, most tile refinishing jobs take only a day to complete with an additional day for drying and settling before use. Thus, you’ll have your bathroom back in operation in just a couple days! If you were to replace your tile, the process could take a week or longer depending on your project.

Which tile materials can be reglazed?

In bathrooms, the most common tiles we find are usually ceramic and porcelain, which are both clay-based products. These materials are easily reglazed for a budget-friendly remodel. While there are other genuine stone tile products, such as slate, marble, limestone, travertine, granite, and sandstone, these are usually refinished and resealed rather than reglazed, to restore their original natural look.

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Which types of tile can be refinished?

In a bathroom, we can refinish just about any installed tile, no matter where it is placed.

Tub and Shower Tile Resurfacing

The most common types of tile we refinish are shower stall tile, in which tile walls on three sides form the shower enclosure. If you’re dealing with dated 1950s bubblegum pink or powder blue shower tile that’s in good shape but out of style, we can update it to white, bone or another modern color of your liking.

Backsplash Tile Restoration

If your bathroom vanity is surrounded by a tile backsplash above the sinks, we can update that too. We’ll clean, repair, resurface and reglaze your backsplash in a color you choose. When it’s done, you’ll bathroom will feel fresh and new again!

Wall Tile Reglazing

Decorating half walls in tile for a more finished look has been a technique of bathroom builders for decades. The only trouble with this is when the tile becomes outdated. Luckily, our reglazing service can update your bathroom wall tile in a new color and bring back the sheen again.

Floor Tile Refinishing

Believe it or not, even floor tiles can be refinished. Get creative with our color and texture options to makeover your floor in a totally new style. This is an especially great option for flipping houses or putting your house up for sale.

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