Bathtub Refinishing In Hopewell, FL

An historical plantation settlement, Hopewell Florida has history, space and a slower pace of living. With famous properties like the 1903 J.R.McDonald House and other “hidden gems”, it’s always a pleasure to get a call from Hopewell residents to restore their tubs, tiles and showers.

Reasons to Have your Hopewell Tub & Tile Refinished

Quick & Professional Service

Our technicians are highly trained so that they can finish a job in less than 1 day. Bathtub refinishing or reglazing is a process where chips, cracks and other damage are repaired so that your tub looks brand new again. Hiring a professional service is quicker than doing it yourself because our technicians have years of experience under their belt. Once our technicians assess the damage, they can begin work and you can soak your troubles away as soon as possible.


One of the first instincts of some homeowners when they see their damaged tubs is to renovate their bathroom. We all know that this is not only an expensive undertaking but also a long one. Having your tub refinished or reglazed is a more affordable and practical option.

A Hopewell tub refinishing service is a good option if you want quick and affordable bathroom renovation.

How We Resurface Bathtubs in Hopewell FL

Bathtub refinishing, sometimes called tub resurfacing or reglazing, is the process of buffing out the damage, cracks and chips off your tub so that it can be restored and look brand new. The process starts with technicians sanding the tub’s surface and then filling in cracks, chips and worn-out areas. The tub is then coated with several layers of primer and paint before a final buffing.

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Hopewell Tub Refinishing Services

Hopewell tub refinishing service can also resurface different kinds of tubs such as acrylic, fiberglass, porcelain and cast iron. Bathtubs are just one part of your bathroom. Other bathroom fixtures like your sink, countertops and tiles can also benefit from refinishing or resurfacing. They will undergo the same process so that your entire bathroom can look refreshed and renovated at the fraction of the cost.

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cabinet refinishing
tile reglazing

Bathtub Refinishing in Hopewell, FL

Save money and give new life to your bathtub with a Hopewell bathtub refinishing service. Stripping off and replacing a perfectly usable tub is expensive and labor intensive. Bathtub refinishing repairs your old bathtub so that you can use it for many more years.

Tile Reglazing in Hopewell, FL

Tiles can see a lot of damage over the years. They are usually prone to chipping, cracks and staining. A tile reglazing service can extend the life of your old tiles using affordable repair techniques. This cost-affordable alternative is convenient and quick.

Shower Refinishing In Hopewell, FL

Shower areas get worn easily because they see a lot of action. But before you decide to just strip away your shower area, know that you can save a lot of time and money with a shower refinishing service in Hopewell, FL. We repair and refinish your shower to make it shine and look new.

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Countertop Refinishing in Hopewell, FL

Show our bathroom vanity, kitchen counter and breakfast bar some love with a countertop refinishing service. Extend the life of your countertops and give them a new look without breaking the bank.

Cabinet Refinishing in Hopewell, FL

Renew your existing cabinetry and save a fortune! We can resurface your cupboard frames with a fresh stain or coat of paint using our commercial equipment and professional process that lasts. Then, we’ll reface the cabinet with new doors and hardware in the style of your choosing.

Hopewell Refinishing Can Restore Your Bathroom Fixtures

Our team of professional bathtub refinishers in Hopewell, Florida 33567 can transform your cracked, chipped and old looking bathtub, sink, tiles and counters. Our bathtub reglazing process can make imperfections disappear so that you can save time and money compared to throwing out your bathroom furnishings. We service homes, resorts and hotels. Call our office to book our bathtub refinishing service.

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