Bathtub Reglazing in Tampa FL

Has your bathtub seen better days? Wish you could scuff out those marks, scratches and rust lines without undertaking a whole tub demo and replacement project?

You can! That’s precisely what bathtub reglazing services will do for you. We don’t need to remove your tub or create a big construction mess. We simply refinish and commercially repaint your tub right in place. It’s fast, affordable and less chaos for your family and guests.

What is bathtub reglazing?

Most tub restoration professionals use the terms “reglazing” and “refinishing” interchangeably.

To get even more specific, the term “refinishing” tends to encompass all the stages of restoring tub and tile, including the cleaning, sanding, resurfacing and glazing.

The reglazing stage of any tub refinishing project refers to the final finish applied to the top layer of the tub. This is the commercial “glaze” that is painted onto the surface which is responsible for that glossy sheen effect you’ll see when the project is done.

How much does bathtub reglazing cost?

When done properly using top of the line commercial products and professional techniques to ensure a lasting finish that doesn’t have issues in a year, bathtub reglazing services will only cost in the hundreds. On the other hand, a full replacement of a tub could cost in the thousands when you factor in labor, materials and delivery costs.

Reglazing your existing tub, if it’s in fair condition, could save you a big chunk of budget on your bathroom renovation project. Instead of wasting a thousand or more on the tub, you can renew your existing soaker and reinvest the savings into a new vanity or bathroom accessories. It’s a smart way to update your bath and increase property value.

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How long does tub reglazing take to finish?

If you’re only reglazing your tub, aside from any tile or shower work, the professional reglazing process can usually be done in one day and typically needs a full day to dry and settle before use. That’s just 2 days without a bathroom, which is far better than the delays you’ll experience when installing a new tub between demo, prep work, delivery and installation.

Can I choose a color other than white for reglazing my tub?

Yes! Many homeowners and property managers want to match their tub with the rest of the bathroom tile and decor already in place. While white is popular, we often reglaze in other colors such as bone/ivory, gray, shades of blue, a variety of neutrals and many other tones.

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tub reglazing tampa florida

How does the tub reglazing process work?

Before we can get to the actual “reglazing” step, we have to clean, fix and prep the tub. If these steps are skipped, the final coating will not only look uneven and sloppy, it won’t last for even a few weeks.

The process must be done correctly and in the right order - which is the only way we’ll do it! With us, you can count on having your tub done right the first time.

The first stage involves removing hardware and cleaning the tub surface to remove dirt and debris. Next, we fix imperfections, such as scratches, dents and rust spots. After that, we smooth the service, which may require light sanding followed by clean up again. Finally, we prime the entire area and professional reglaze the tub with commercial coating products.

How long with a reglazed tub last?

With normal use, your fresh new glaze should last 10-15 years. Obviously heavy use, using harsh scrubbers to clean it and accidents, such as dropping something in the tub, could impact the durability and longevity of the coating. Still, we do everything in our power to give you a tub reglaze that lasts as long as possible.

How can I get a quote on reglazing my bathtub?

It’s easy. Either fill in the quote request form at the top of this page or simply call 813-680-3424 and we’ll give you an estimate right over the phone. We might ask you to text or email photos of your existing tub to investigate the issues visually.

reglazing a tub in tampa fl

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