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A lovely place to live that has that spacious suburban feel while still being an arms throw from Tampa, we always look forward to tub refinishing jobs in Riverview.

Reasons You Need Bathtub Reglazing In Riverview, Florida

Bathtub refinishing or reglazing is a necessary step if your tub looks old and worn. The surface of your bathtub is important because it protects the paint. If the paint or sealant fails, your bathtub won’t hold off the water and it will eventually seep into the boards or tiles around the tub causing more damage to your bathroom.

Refinishing or resurfacing your tub is a cost-effective and convenient way of updating your old bathroom so that you get a new look in just 1 day.

How We Resurface Bathtubs in Riverview, FL

Our professionals are equipped with the knowledge, experience and equipment to resurface your tub in a short time. The whole process usually takes less than a day because we know that time is important.

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Resurfacing or refinishing a bathtub involves a straightforward process. First workers sand the whole tub in order to remove the old surface and to make it rough. After the sanding, chips, cracks and imperfections are filled and repaired. Then several layers of primer are applied on the tub. Once it is dried, the topcoat is sprayed and then left to cure. The final step involves buffing the tub to a shine so that it looks brand new.

Professional bathtub resurfacing service in Riverview can help you save money and time. Tub refinishing can be an exhausting process especially to the untrained. Many seniors living in Riverview can benefit hiring this kind of service because it is fast and convenient. Most of all, they don’t have to do the work themselves, saving them from unnecessary labor and possible injury.

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Bathroom Tub & Tile Repair in Riverview, FL

Old bathtubs make your whole bathroom look tired and dirty. Our bathtub refinishing service can repair our bathtub to make it look new and extend its lifespan. Our technicians can repair and reglaze your tub in 1 day.

Tile Reglazing in Riverview, FL

Professional tile reglazing is an effective way of repairing your old tiles. Our technicians will sand, repair cracks, chips and stains before spraying primer and topcoat to protect your tiles. Give your old tiles a trendier and cleaner look with tile refinishing service.

Shower Refinishing in Riverview, FL

Want a new shower but can’t afford a full bathroom makeover? We can refinish shower tile surrounds, fiberglass shower stalls and shower pans as well to make your old shower area look shiny and new. This convenient and more affordable alternative can change your bathroom without the messy demolition and remodel.

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Countertop Refinishing in Riverview, FL

Countertops see a lot of use and abuse. Luckily damage like cracks, chips and stains can be repaired with Riverview countertop refinishing service. Breathe new life to you kitchen counter, breakfast bar and bathroom vanity.

Cabinet Resurfacing in Riverview, FL

Don’t incur the high expense of cabinet replacement; refinish your cabinets instead! We’ll reface the fronts with brand new doors and hardware in the style and color of your preference. But we’ll restore the cabinet boxes so you can avoid the cost of demo, installation and new cabinets.

Riverview Bathtub Refinishing Can Restore Your Bathroom Fixtures

Our bathtub repair and reglazing in Riverview, Florida covers zip codes 33511, 33568, 33569 and 33578. Aside from bathtub refinishing, we also restore, reglaze, repair and deep clean sinks, showers, countertops and tiles. This is a cost-effective way of making a space look brand new without spending hundreds of dollars on replacements.

There is no need to clean your bathroom or the area you want to work on because they can do it for you. All you need to do is to call for a bathtub refinishing in Riverview, Florida and provide us access to your bathroom. Call us today for a brand new looking bathtub.

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