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With over 60,000 residents, Palm Harbor of Pinellas County, Florida, has become quite the draw for locals settling down in the Tampa-St. Pete-Clearwater area. With easy access to city life, but enough distance to get a safer and more suburban community, we can appreciate why so many families choose to live in Palm Harbor.

The Benefits of Bathroom Restoration

When your bathroom becomes outdated, the question you face is whether to do a full renovation, replace individual fixtures or restore what’s already in place. While a complete bathroom remodel with new tile, flooring and fixtures would be a fabulous upgrade, it’s also a big investment. If you’re trying to stay within a budget, replacing the entire bathroom might not be feasible or practical. That’s where bathroom restoration comes in.

By restoring your existing fixtures, you can save thousands over the cost of replacement, avoid heavy demolition and save some of your budget for bigger purchases you truly desire, such as a new vanity. Here are some of the top benefits of refinishing your fixtures:

  • Cost savings: Refinishing the tub, tile, sink, shower and countertops will save hundreds to thousands of dollars when compared to replacing them with new products.
  • Time savings: Full bathroom remodels can take weeks to finish when new installation is involved. Quite to the contrary, most tub and tile refinishing jobs are done in about a day. You’ll have your bathroom back in no time!
  • No demo: One of the frustrating aspects of bathroom remodeling is the messy demolition involved. This is never a concern with refinishing because we are not removing any fixtures or furnishings. We restore and reglaze all fixtures in-place, avoiding demo altogether.
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Bathroom Refinishing Services in Palm Harbor, FL

Our bathroom repair company has been refinishing fixtures for well over a decade, so we have the knowledge and skills to get the project done correctly and on time. We use only high quality coatings and commercial spray technology to ensure a smooth, even finish is applied to your bathroom fixtures.

The process involves several distinct steps:

  • First, we deep clean the entire surface of the tub, tile, sink, shower or countertop. This is essential to ensure we are working with an uncompromised surface. We remove dirt, grime, film and rust.
  • Second, we repair minor imperfections we find on the surface, such as tiny chips and scratches. Major cracks are not something we can typically repair, but if there are hairline cracks that don’t penetrate through the thickness of the fixture, we can usually fill them safely to extend the life of the item.
  • Third, we sand down the surface to make it even and etch it up a little because, without this step, the final coatings will not adhere properly. Finally, using the color and texture you chose for your fixture, we professionally apply commercial coatings as a final glaze to the top surface. This is the step that most people think of when they hire a bathtub refinishing company. This is when the shiny luster is restored to your shower, tile, sink or tub.
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Bathtub Repair

If your bathtub is looking dull, dingy and has lost its sheen, our bathtub repair services will restore it like new. There are multiple stages to a bathtub repair service. We start with a complete cleaning of any grime on the surface. If you are dealing with lime buildup, rust marks or other stains, fear not. We can correct all of these issues with our cleaning and sanding process. We’ll also fill small chips on the surface to ensure a smooth layer. Then, we prep the bathtub with a type of acid wash that allows the coating product to adhere long-term. Finally, we reglaze the tub for a long-lasting, shiny finish you’ll love.

Tile Reglazing

Those old tiles can be saved! If they are in good condition, without any major cracks or falling off, then they can be refinished in-place. This means that you avoid the demo and the expense of buying new tile products. Our tile reglazing allows you to restore the luster and newness of your shower tile, floor tile and wall tile affordably. You can choose from a wide selection of colors and textures to get the exact style you wish for. Our tile refinishing service is typically done in 1-2 days, depending on the amount of tile being resurfaced.

Sink Refinishing

Refinishing a porcelain sink is roughly the same process as restoring a tub. Sink refinishing may not last quite as long as a refinished bathtub because it receives a lot more daily use, but it will typically extend the life of your sink by 5, 10 or 15 years depending on the harshness of use. That gives you a great savings over replacement and is a wonderful option when you’re planning on staying in the home for a while or even preparing for resale.

Shower Refinishing

Whether you have a tile shower stall, acrylic shower surround or fiberglass shower unit, we can restore it like new with our shower reglazing services. Showers receive heavy daily use, which can result in the finish wearing down and becoming dull and dirty looking. Add to that water marks, stains and lime buildup, and now the shower needs work. Luckily, the tile or shower surround is in good condition, it can be restored without the cost of replacement! We simply apply the same refinishing process we use for a bathtub. We clean, repair and reglaze the shower in about a day or two.

Countertop Refinishing

Many of our customers are shocked that we can actually redo their solid surface bathroom and kitchen countertops, without replacement. Acrylic, fiberglass, Corian and Formica countertops can be refinished with coatings very similarly to tubs and tile. The end result is stunning. You can even choose finishes that mimic granite, quartz and marble countertops.

Cabinet Refinishing

Even your bathroom vanity cabinets and kitchen cabinets can be restored with our techniques! Replacing cabinets will cost thousands of dollars, even before factoring in labor. But, as a cabinet painting contractor, we can make your cupboards look like new without any demo or replacement.

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Bathtub Refinishing Boston