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Team Tampa Tub & Tile Refinishing is your local area bath restoration contractor. We transform your bathtubs, shower surrounds, sinks, countertops, and tile by repairing damage, resurfacing, and reglazing. You can count on us for a convenient and affordable way to restore your bathroom fixtures!

When you think about it, your washroom is probably one of the most frequented rooms in your home. The powder room or full bath is where everyone goes to freshen up, relax and unwind, and start and end their days. But with frequent use comes worn fixtures. Constant handling and foot traffic can cause dullness and damage to your tub, sinks, shower, countertops, and tile.

Whether it’s been many years since you’ve seen your bath fixtures shine or you need a complete tub restoration, call us before replacement - you’ll save on time, budget and hassle.

Here’s the amazing thing about restoring your existing utilities - you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars and spend copious amounts of time hiring a crew to replace your bathtub, shower, or any fixture in your restroom. Instead, you can save money, time, and an unnecessary mess with refinishing services. Through the bathtub resurfacing process, you can have your tub, tile, sinks, and everything in between looking like new in a matter of hours.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Bathtub Refinishing Tampa:

  • We won’t demolish anything - we won’t rip out your plumbing or wreck your tub, and we make sure the worksite stays clean

  • We’ll get the job done quickly - a quick turnaround time means you’re not stranded without a shower for days

  • We’ll save you money - tub fixing typically costs 50-70% less than replacement

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Bathroom Refinishing Services in Greater Tampa, FL

Our tub refinishing services in Florida include bathtub resurfacing and reglazing, tub repair and restoration, countertop refinishing, shower stall refinishing, resurfacing sinks, tile refinishing (including shower, floor, and backsplash), chip/scratch and dent repair, and overall restoration.

Before we take on any refinishing projects, we assess the condition of your bathroom fixtures, whether it be the tub, sink, or tiles. After we’ve determined what kind of refinishing treatment the fixture needs, we prepare a treatment plan, then proceed with repairs, bonding, primers, and glazing applications according to our superior method. The result is a bathtub that’s practically brand new!

Common materials we work with include:

  • fiberglass
  • porcelain
  • acrylic
  • cast iron
  • ceramic
bathtub resurfacing tampa fl

Bathtub Resurfacing

Professional bathroom tub resurfacing is an excellent solution for damaged tubs and for those that have been worn and dulled by time. If your current bathtub has minor surface imperfections like stains, dents, and cracks, contact us to see how bathtub resurfacing can be a quick and affordable way to give it a refreshing look. The refinishing process includes sanding down the tub’s surface, filling in any cracks or holes, applying a fresh coat of paint, then buffing everything out to a smooth finish. Our experts can refurbish old bathtubs, resurface porcelain tubs, refinish fiberglass and acrylic tubs, and restore antique clawfoot and cast iron bathtubs.

Bathtub Reglazing with New Coatings

If you’re thinking about painting a bathtub, the best way to handle the process is to prepare it through professional tub coating, not by buying a paint kit (you’ll end up calling a professional, like us, in six months to redo it). Bathtub reglazing starts with sanding down the surface of the tub so that the base layer is exposed. Then, we buff and etch the bathtub layers to create a smooth surface that will bond to the new coating and finish. Professional tub reglazing is an excellent way to bring back the polished look to your current bathtub. The end result truly is amazing!

bathtub reglazing tampa fl
bathtub repair tampa fl

Bathtub Repair

Our tub repair process can turn your deteriorated bathtub into an oasis of relaxation. Whatever type of bathtub you have, we can repair the surface damage and fix chips, cracks, dents, and stains. First, we’ll assess the tub’s damage, then level out the surface. Our final steps include refinishing and bath reglazing until the bathtub looks like something out of a home magazine. We handle porcelain bathtub repair, bathtub coating repair, ceramic tub repair, fiberglass tub repair, and much more. Send us a few photos of the issue to get a fair and affordable quote.

Tile Refinishing

Reglazing tile is a cost-effective way to renew tub, shower, floor, countertop, and backsplash tile. Through tub and tile refinishing we can fix surface damage, repair blemishes, and restore your bathroom tile without messy demolition. During bathroom tile resurfacing, we can even reglaze the tiles in a different color. Call us to discuss tone and texture options.

tile refinishing tampa fl
shower refinishing tampa fl

Shower Refinishing

In addition to tub refinishing and tile repair, we also handle shower reglazing and repair. This includes fiberglass shower resurfacing, shower stall refinishing, and shower tile reglazing. Over time, common shower materials like fiberglass can lose their shine and colors can fade. There may also be surface imperfections that make the shower look dated. Fortunately, our team of professionals are happy to help and can have your shower surround looking like you just had it installed.

Hotel & Resort Bathroom Refinishing

In the high tourist traffic region of Tampa Bay, hotels and resorts are under pressure to constantly update their hotel room baths, which see heavy use. As tubs get dinged, fiberglass showers get scuffed and porcelain tiles get scratched, resort property managers have the responsibility to fix and restore. For that task, you can call on us. We will renew your resort bathrooms at a fraction of the cost of tub and tile replacement. We’ll refinish hotel tubs, showers and tile to ensure a fresh-looking washroom for every guest at a cost that fits the budget and with a level of quality that will last for years.

hotel resort bathroom refinishing
shower refinishing tampa fl

Countertop Refinishing

Do your kitchen or bathroom countertops need updating? There’s no need to replace worn and outdated counters when we offer countertop resurfacing services. We can refinish bathroom and kitchen countertops at a fraction of the cost it would take to replace them, and much quicker. Countertop refinishing includes fixing surface problems like chips and cracks, and reglazing so that your counters look shiny and new.

Cabinet Resurfacing

Save thousands on your bathroom or kitchen remodel by restoring your existing cabinetry! Why go through the hassle of demolition and installation, losing access to your kitchen or bath for weeks, when you can have freshly finished cupboards and vanities in just a few days?

Our Tampa cabinet refinishing includes stripping the old boxes of any stain or finish and then spray painting the frames and doors with a fresh coat in the color of your choosing for a total cabinet makeover at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Call to receive an estimate on your project today.

hotel resort bathroom refinishing

Is Tub Refinishing Worth It?

If you notice that your bathtub is damaged or just doesn’t look as nice as it used to, you may wonder if it’s better to replace the fixture or go the tub refinishing route. The thing most people don’t know is that bathtub refinishing can easily fix most surface damage and at a much more affordable price than what it takes to completely replace the tub.

Bathtub restoration is a great option for homeowners looking to renovate on a small budget and investors or homeowners who want to sell a home and need every part of it looking in tip-top shape.

Still on the fence? Keep these things in mind when considering refinishing vs. replacement:

Cost Savings

Replacing a bathtub is a huge project that requires lots of time, demolition, and includes fees many people don’t consider: transport, labor, removal, pipes, installation, cleaning, etc. The truth is, only heavily damaged bathtubs need replacing. Otherwise, you can get the same results at half the cost when you opt for refinishing. Plus, with proper maintenance and care, your current tub can last another decade or more when refinished professionally. In the end, bath tub restoration can save you money while also giving you like-new results.

Time Savings

Not only will you save money with professional bathtub refinishing, but loads of time (and perhaps your sanity). Replacing a bathtub can take several days, sometimes up to a week, and requires demolition, which means a crew coming in and out of your home. If you only have one bathroom, this situation can wreak havoc on your daily life. Even if you have more than one bathroom, the replacement process will likely change your home routine. Bathtub refinishing services offer a much quicker, cleaner, and more convenient solution. The process normally only takes about a day, so you’ll be able to use your refreshed tub, shower, or sink by the following day.

We Refinish All Kinds of Bathroom Fixtures

We have experience refinishing all kinds of tubs and showers made from various materials. Contact us for bathtub refinishing Tampa to help you with your restoration projects. Popular materials we specialize in:

tub reglazing tampa

Porcelain Tub & Tile Refinishing

Team Tampa Tub & Tile Refinishing offers superior porcelain tub and sink refinishing services in the Tampa area. Our resurfacing process and reglazing services can bring life back to a dull looking porcelain bathtub or chipped porcelain sink. The transformation is amazing and why we love offering this service to our Florida neighbors.

clawfoot tub refinishing tampa

Clawfoot Tub Refinishing

You don’t need to replace your cherished antique clawfoot tub when we can restore it to its original finish. Clawfoot tub restoration also works on cast iron bathtubs and is much more cost-effective than trying to find and purchase a new or vintage claw foot tub. The refinishing process can fix dents, scratches, and other surface damages, as well as bring luster back to a faded exterior.

tile reglazing tampa l

Ceramic Tile Resurfacing

Don’t worry about ripping up your current tile and replacing every single one. Refinishing ceramic tile can get the job done in half the time and without the mess. Ceramic tiles are sturdy, but after many years, they can look visually worn. Whether it’s cracks, stains, dents, or outdated paint, we can revamp the ceramic tiles in your bathroom, shower surround, and on your floors and countertops.

acrylic shower refinishing tampa

Acrylic Tub & Shower Refinishing

Like fiberglass, acrylic is often used in tubs and showers. Over time, the acrylic lining gets worn down and makes the bathtub look aged. With acrylic bathtub repair, we can rebuild the damaged layers and renew the surface so that it looks fresh and sparkling.

fiberglass shower refinishing tampa

Fiberglass Shower Refinishing

Fiberglass may be one of the most popular bath and shower materials, but it typically ages faster than others. Even if your fiberglass tub or shower isn’t damaged, the paint may be chipped, dull, or look outdated. Our fiberglass resurfacing treatments work on bathtubs, showers, tub and shower combos, and shower tiles.

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